Castle Wilhelmsthal

April 20, 2015

WilhelmsthalHow did the Landgrave of Hesse Wilhelm VIII use to live in the eighteenth century? What is most important in the rococo architecture style? How the princes use to dress and eat? This and many other interesting things you can learn during the lecture in the castle Wilhelmsthal near Kassel. It is a perfect tour for Sunday afternoon. Firstly you have to walk a few miles through the forest and at the end of the path you see a beautiful castle. Just take the chance and go there!

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Iceland in winter

March 10, 2015

Island 626We have one week holiday and we are thinking about our next destination. Let’s go to Iceland!

- To Iceland – ask our friends. In winter? Are you crazy?

Hmmm, who knows… It’s true, Iceland in winter is cold. But so beautiful!

Geyser eruption

Ice on the road


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Christmas Tourism

December 31, 2014

001 - 141205 - BraunschweigRoute: Wiesbaden, Mainz, Braunschweig, Düsseldorf, Köln, Kassel

Sharp at 03:30 pm I turn off my computer and leave the office. I can work longer from Monday to Thursday but Friday is the beginning of the weekend! The day after tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. In this special time we decided to visit one or even two Christmas Markets called “Weihnachtsmarkt” every weekend.

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December 30, 2014

008 - LauterbachLauterbach is a small town in the eastern Hessia. We went there not because of its tourist attractions, but because of – let’s call it – cultural values. Our friend celebrated his birthday and organized a party with traditional German sausage, meat called Leberkäse, potato salad and hectoliters of beer. Apart from the food the highlight of the party was the outfit. The hosts and many guests were dressed in dirndl – Bavarian-Austrian folk costume. We could not compete with them. In my wardrobe I found only one shirt a little bit similar to the dirndl.

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Harz Mountains

December 29, 2014

001 - HarzToday is a beautiful autumn day. We pack our bags and go to the town Braunlage in the Harz Mountains. Here we meet with a friend and start a long trail to the highest peak called Brocken (1,142 meters above sea level). It is hot like in summer. On the blue sky we don’t see any single cloud. We definitely do not need so many clothes. No wonder that on such sunny day many people hike… The path is very crowded.

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Holy mess with animals

November 24, 2014

005- Please open your baskets. I will go between rows and bless the contents – the priest said.

This time it’s not Easter blessing of food, but blessing of our four-legged friends. Catholic priest squeezes between the benches, peering into each box, patting rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats.

- Woof, woof, meow, meow – you can hear around. Suddenly we also hear the noises of two horses!

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Statue of Hercules in Kassel

November 10, 2014

007 - KasselThe Statue of Hercules towers over Kassel since 1717 and is the hallmark of the city now. In July 2013 it has even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (No. 38 in Germany). Kassel once ugly and industrial urban center is transforming into the cultural capital of northern Hessia and attracts thousands of tourists from Germany and abroad.

The cooper sculpture of the Greek demigod stays on a hill in the park called Wilhelmshöhe. Besides the beautiful view from the top the major attractions in summer are illuminated cascades and fountains.

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Hiking to the Cross Peak

November 8, 2014

008 - 140817 - Zlaty Chlum i Krizovy wrchRoute: Rejviz – Zlaty Chlum – Cross Peak – Zlaty Chlum – Rejviz (15 km)

In the Czech Republic, just a few kilometers behind Głuchołazy, the small Polish town on the border where I was born, there is the tiny village Rejviz situated at an altitude of 792 m above sea level. It is famous mainly for winter sports. Besides the numerous cross-country ski routes and ski lifts there are many hiking trails suitable all year round which start here. On one of the last sunny days of autumn we pick a hiking trail to the Cross Peak.

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Castle Trendelburg

October 27, 2014

008 - TrendelburgA visit to Rapunzel

Route: Wülmersen – Trendelburg – Wülmersen (14 km)

Once upon a time there was acouple. The husband wanted to meet the needs of his pregnant wife and stole vegetables for a salad from the garden of a witch. Unfortunately she caught him. In exchange for his life she demanded his future child. The witch took the new born girl and at the age of 12 she imprisoned her in a tower. But the adolescent young lady found a way to keep in contact with the world. She let down her long hair from the window to the ground and the prince climbed secretly up to see her etc….

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From Corvey to Bad Karlshafen

October 21, 2014

018 - WeserradwegRoute: 15 km on foot, 38 km by bike

At 10:30 I’m boarding the small cruise ship sailing the river Weser from Bad Karlshafen to Corvey. On the lower deck I park my bike and start talking to a couple:

- Good morning! How are you? I see you are also travelling by bike?

- Yes! We spend one week holiday in this way. After a short distance on board we will continue our bike trip and discover the area along the Weser river. Every night we sleep in a different place.

I’m jealous. I only have one day off that’s why I want to take the maximum advantage of that.

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