Hiking „Weserberglandweg“ 2

September 28, 2014

010 - WeserberglandwegRoute: Sababurg – Bad Karlshafen (19.4 km)

Today we have to manage 19.4 km which is a short walk in comparison to yesterday. Besides we are equipped with GPS and expect to stay on the right track. We begin our trek at the castle of Sleeping Beauty, the Sababurg, where we finished it one day before. In Hessia there are some places associated with fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. These famous fabulists wandered through this area many years ago, listened to stories of Huguenots people and then wrote them down. Today the castle Sababurg houses an exclusive restaurant and a hotel where wedding ceremonies and other big events are held regularly.

The sun shines and the weather is nice and warm, not too hot like yesterday. Our hike is very pleasant. We walk through fields of rye and take pictures of beautiful wild sunflowers. On the way we visit the small town Gottsbüren, which unfortunately gives the impression to be deserted. Perhaps because it is Sunday and everyone is spending the time at home with their family? We enter the forest. After a few kilometers we stop, sit on a log and eat some delicious sausages. In the early evening we reach Bad Karlshafen, where we treat ourselves to a big ice cream. The third (of 13) part of the hike “Weserbergladweg” is over…

More pictures here.

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Hiking “Weserberglandweg” 1

September 22, 2014

006- 140719- WeserberglandwegRoute: Hann Münden – Sababurg (officially 27 km)

Hiking along the Weser river on the so called “Weserberglandweg” belongs to a series of tours “on our doorstep”. As already mentioned before you do not have to go far to see and experience something interesting. We take our backpacks, put on comfortable shoes and go by car from Bad Karlshafen to the picturesque castle Sababurg known from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” of the Grimm Brothers. We park our vehicle in front of the castle and take a local bus to the town Hann Münden, where we start our “march back home”.

This day we do not have enough time to explore Hann Münden. We only visit the memorial stone from 1899 lying at the confluence of two rivers, on which a rhyming poem is inscribed:

“Where Werra and Fulda kiss each other/ they must let go of their names/, and there through this kiss / originates German up to the sea the Weser River.”

We take a “historical” picture and go in the direction of the green hills. From the observation tower Tillyschanze we have a last panorama look at the city below. Then we enter the forest. It is very hot. At the end of July the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. On this day the pools are crowded but not the footpaths. Over the whole distance we do not see any single person… Unfortunately the “Weserberglandweg” is poorly marked and our GPS is still recharging in the car. With a map in hand we try to find the right way and walk some additional kilometers. We pass fields and pastures, hike in the forest, cross the small town of Veckerhagen and stop for picnic in the nature. Tired but happy we arrive the castle Sababurg, where we parked our car in the morning. With this we managed two parts of official 13 parts of the “Weserberglandweg” (in total a distance of 225 km).

More pictures here.

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