June 23, 2015

022 - 150429 - Bhutan - Punakha Dzong (Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong)– What’s your plan for your next holiday? – Ask my friends.

– Bhutan.

– Butane? Like propane-butane? Where is the connection between the gas and your vacation?

I had many discussions like that. Bhutan is not only the component for filling lighters, but also the tiny kingdom located in the Himalayas between Tibet and India, also known as The Land of Thunder Dragon.

Until the seventies Bhutan was almost completely cut off from the world. In 1974 the airport was established and the first tourists arrived. To this day the number of visitors is strictly controlled in organized groups and guests pay money for each day of stay directly for the Bhutanese government. Individual tourism does not exist and is forbidden. Despite that Bhutan is not a forgotten land at the end of the world. At least in the cities the people play with the modern smartphones, use mobile phones and Internet. Interesting is that Bhutan’s gross national product is expressed in the degree of happiness of the residents.

A trip to Bhutan is on the one hand the cultural journey to the numerous Buddhist monasteries and on the other hand it means hiking in the highest mountains of the world.

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