Neighbourhood of Frankfurt – Oberursel

Everyone has heard about Frankfurt/Main. This city attracts plenty of tourists at least because it has one of the largest airports in Europe. But only few of them visit its surroundings. Just leave the banking metropolis and in a region of up to 20 kilometres north of it, you can discover other smaller, but nevertheless interesting towns. In Königstein, Kronberg, Bad Homburg and Oberursel, located in the mountain range Taunus, some of the wealthiest residents of the state Hessen and even of the whole country are gathered. Bankers and other businessmen work in Frankfurt and live in the countryside.

Among the green landscape exclusive villas are located, on the streets there are Porsche Cayenne and the children of the rich people go to private Montessori schools. Centres of those places have beautiful renovated houses, well maintained parks and stylish restaurants. Daily life moves much slower here than in the chaotic Frankfurt. Besides you can hike on many hiking trails, e.g. to the Großer Feldberg (878 m) – the highest mountain in Taunus. At its top a restaurant and a beautiful panorama of the region are waiting for you.

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