Hiking “Weserberglandweg” 1

September 22, 2014

006- 140719- WeserberglandwegRoute: Hann Münden – Sababurg (officially 27 km)

Hiking along the Weser river on the so called “Weserberglandweg” belongs to a series of tours “on our doorstep”. As already mentioned before you do not have to go far to see and experience something interesting. We take our backpacks, put on comfortable shoes and go by car from Bad Karlshafen to the picturesque castle Sababurg known from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” of the Grimm Brothers. We park our vehicle in front of the castle and take a local bus to the town Hann Münden, where we start our “march back home”.

This day we do not have enough time to explore Hann Münden. We only visit the memorial stone from 1899 lying at the confluence of two rivers, on which a rhyming poem is inscribed:

“Where Werra and Fulda kiss each other/ they must let go of their names/, and there through this kiss / originates German up to the sea the Weser River.”

We take a “historical” picture and go in the direction of the green hills. From the observation tower Tillyschanze we have a last panorama look at the city below. Then we enter the forest. It is very hot. At the end of July the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. On this day the pools are crowded but not the footpaths. Over the whole distance we do not see any single person… Unfortunately the “Weserberglandweg” is poorly marked and our GPS is still recharging in the car. With a map in hand we try to find the right way and walk some additional kilometers. We pass fields and pastures, hike in the forest, cross the small town of Veckerhagen and stop for picnic in the nature. Tired but happy we arrive the castle Sababurg, where we parked our car in the morning. With this we managed two parts of official 13 parts of the “Weserberglandweg” (in total a distance of 225 km).

More pictures here.

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Neighbourhood of Frankfurt – Oberursel

August 14, 2014

Everyone has heard about Frankfurt/Main. This city attracts plenty of tourists at least because it has one of the largest airports in Europe. But only few of them visit its surroundings. Just leave the banking metropolis and in a region of up to 20 kilometres north of it, you can discover other smaller, but nevertheless interesting towns. In Königstein, Kronberg, Bad Homburg and Oberursel, located in the mountain range Taunus, some of the wealthiest residents of the state Hessen and even of the whole country are gathered. Bankers and other businessmen work in Frankfurt and live in the countryside.

Among the green landscape exclusive villas are located, on the streets there are Porsche Cayenne and the children of the rich people go to private Montessori schools. Centres of those places have beautiful renovated houses, well maintained parks and stylish restaurants. Daily life moves much slower here than in the chaotic Frankfurt. Besides you can hike on many hiking trails, e.g. to the Großer Feldberg (878 m) – the highest mountain in Taunus. At its top a restaurant and a beautiful panorama of the region are waiting for you.

More pictures here.

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Maribor in Slovenia

August 8, 2014

Our last stop during this short holiday is Maribor at the river Drava – the second largest city of Slovenia. Unfortunately, most tourists do not stop in this country. Almost all of them are just passing through Ljubljana straight to Croatia.

We are lucky because the famous annual cultural festival Lent is being held at this time. Along the bank of the Drava there are a lot of stands with various types of food and drinks as well as stages with live music performances. These advantages of Maribor have been discovered earlier by selecting this city as the Cultural Capital of Europe 2012.

In the local rustic restaurant we eat lepinja s čevapčiči in kajmakom, a huge sandwich with meat, onions and cheese like butter. Delicious! Lepinja is not a diet dish, so for better digestion we order the local beer Laśko.

But Slovenia is more a country of wine, not beer. The surrounding hills are covered by vines and the owners of the vineyards invite guests to taste their wines. In the centre of Maribor we take pictures of the oldest vine in the world – Stara trta – which is the symbol and attraction of the city.

Not far away are the Pohorje mountains. We walk to a nearby summit to enjoy the panorama and the view over Maribor. On the way we pass the slope, where traditionally Women Ski World Championship Zlata Lisica is held. It’s so beautiful! We would love to stay here longer and visit even more places…

More pictures here.

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Salzburg – the city of Mozart

August 4, 2014

From Munich we are going straight to Austria. Our next stop is Salzburg, the birth town of Mozart. We walk through the narrow streets, when suddenly we see a crowd gathering around the yellow facade of a house. This is the place, where the famous composer was born. We “fight” with the other tourists for a space to take a picture. Salzburg’s atmosphere is amazing and captivating. While exploring the city our attention is drawn to numerous pubs and restaurants tempting guests with traditional dishes. We stop and test jause – delicious cold meat and cheese served on wooden board. This of course has to go together with a pint of cold Austrian beer.

Refreshed we climb to the fortress Hohensalzburg, originating from the 11th century. This is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe and at the same time the hallmark of the city. From the top we overlook the magnificent panorama of the old town, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, divided by the river Salzach.

Salzburg also has a lot more to offer: numerous museums, historic churches and houses, charming palaces with gardens and plenty of places where you can hear concerts of Mozart music. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to do the latter because of our lack of time. Two days just are not enough to experience the attractions of this special town. Perhaps this is a good reason to return here in the future?

More pictures here.

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Oktoberfest in Munich

July 30, 2014

What do you associate with Munich? Probably with the famous Oktoberfest. Interestingly enough this event is held at the end of September rather than in October, as the name would suggest. Another Oktoberfest is coming soon. That is why I would like to warn you, so that you might have better memories than me.

It is September 2012. I’m in Munich. I follow the crowd towards „Theresienwiese“, where the festival takes place. The closer to the epicentre I get, the more people. I’m thirsty. Unfortunately you can buy only food and soft drinks on the streets. From the much desired beer I am separated by a high fence, guards and an unimaginable mass of people. It starts to rain. While waiting three hours I get completely soaked. Finally I manage to enter the external beer garden.

– Where is the entrance to the tent? – I ask one of the guards. I want to party inside!

– Do you have a reservation?

– Eeeee, I do not. I just came for one beer.

– That’s a pity. You cannot get inside without a ticket. You have to buy it one YEAR in advance!

Totally disappointed I order a beer in the beer garden from an unpleasant waitresses dressed in a dirndl (the traditional Bavarian dress). I’m standing in water up to my ankles. From the sky it’s raining buckets. I am fed up with Oktoberfest. Never again without a reservation! I head back to the train station and take the first night train to go back home…

To erase these negative memories, I am going back to Munich once more in 2014. This time together with Fabian. We absorb the atmosphere of this huge and beautiful city and wander through the streets of the centre. We stroll through the English Gardens and enjoy the sunny day. The capital of Bavaria is captivating by itself! You should not associate it only with Oktoberfest.

More pictures here.

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Back to reality

July 27, 2014

After a few months break I “reactivated” my travel blog and I should give my readers some up date. After returning from our trip around the world 2012-2014 we settled down in central Germany and slowly come back to reality (looking for a new job, flat etc.) Our “big trip” is already done but it doesn’t mean that we won’t travel any more. Travelling is like a drug and we definitely are addicted. We use weekends and days off to get somewhere else. In the meantime we have already done many walks in my home town Głuchołazy and it’s surrounding in Czech Republic, we have done some short trips to visit friends in Krakow and Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt, Geesthacht, Heilbronn and Göttingen. You do not need to go to the other end of the world to see something interesting and experience something special. It is enough to visit your neighborhood city or put on comfortable shoes and hike in the forest near your home. In the next posts I will describe my different tours. Feel free to join my travel blog!

You can also find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Natalia.Brozko.Autor

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World tour 2012-2014

November 14, 2013

Start: 04.11.2012

Finish: 26.02.2014 plus Europe

Place: 5 continents

My Blog with all news on the Polish Website.

Information in German and English on Fabian’s Website: www.fabian-krebs.de


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